Willfully Blind  

        Gitte Pedersen    is born in Copenhagen, Denmark.   Throughout her childhood, Gitte took to the library as soon as she was able to find the way on her own.  She spent hours reading and developed a deep appreciation for the literary journey in each and every book she read.  Later, after Gitte became a mother to her beloved son and daughter, she used every opportunity she could to introduce books into the lives of her children.  In the late eighties,  she and her family immigrated to the United States and she became a proud US citizen as soon as the U.S. Immigration Services allowed her to take the Oath of Allegiance.  

         Gitte wrote short stories and free-lance articles in her early days in Europe. After years of drafting real estate contracts and civil litigation briefs, she decided not to delay her dreams of writing on her own fictional projects and, occassionally ghost-writing on others' non-fictional stories. Her first project was a real life story-turned-screenplay intended for the cable medium. Currently Gitte is in the final phases of a fictional drama which navigates on an eventful journey through the international scenery; a journey saturated with intrigue, adventure, passion, danger and deception.  

          Gitte has a vivid story telling ability and one of the most imaginative minds.  Once you are captivated into the story lines of her literary work, you  want more.  You will be an instant fan! 

         Gitte lives in the Santa Clarita area, approximately 30 miles from Los Angeles, where she resides with her family and two  dogs, Romeo and  Tippi.  Gitte enjoys spending time with family and friends, she particular loves to spend time at home nurturing her rose garden and her beautiful yard. She has a keen interest in digital photography, she loves to dance flamenco, read, create art and craft projects  She has not forgotten her Danish roots and loves to spend time in her native country Denmark and visits as often as her time allows. Her favorite time in Denmark is the month of May where Lilacs are blooming throughout the little kingdom.

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